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  • Kebab Skewers

    This high quality stainless steel kebab shish/skewer easily pierces meat, vegetable or any ingredient you want to use and it is very easy to clean. You can use it at home or at restaurants, take away etc.

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  • Dough Trays

    These versatile trays are ideal for pizza shops / pizza delivery companies, fast food outlets and also for any hot food delivery business. Designed to give outstanding performance day after day, these top quality trays are designed to give lasting performance in a busy environment. Trays are suitable for all types of dough including baking and pizza.

    This large size volume is great for all establishments, but especially pizza outlets.

    Please note they are also suitable for dishwashers.

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  • Dough Tray Dolly

    The side-loading dolly is made from mild steel with a grey paint finish. Strong and hardwearing, it helps to manoeuvre Bread trays and boxes safely and efficiently around the workplace. It has hygienic, smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

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  • Glasses Rack

    Save on the cost of breakages and keep your glassware safe in transport with this cup/ glass rack with 25 compartments from Cambro. The rack is made from highly durable polypropylene which makes it highly resistant to high temperatures up to 93 degrees Celsius and cleaning chemicals.

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