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  • Rotisserie Chicken Displays

    Professional grilled chicken warmer designed to hold and display your food items at its optimum serving temperature, thus keeping them fresh and appetizing. Its specially designed “Dry Heat” area will help hold your fried food items at its proper serving temperature while “Wet Heat” humidity area will help to keep them warmly moist and fresh. Designed to fit on top of a table behind the front counter with clear see-through flip doors giving the customer a clear view of the products.

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  • SM Dough Mixers

    Standard Features

    • Stainless steel top plate
    • Stainless steel bowl
    • Castors – except SM60
    • Timer
    • Chain driven
    • Safety guard
    • Emergency cut off button
    • Stainless steel hook and dough cutter
    • Fixed head with non removable bowl
    • Stainless steel wire bowl safety guard, featuring auto shutoff when guard is lifted
    • Two speed and 3 phase models are available P.O.A – SM60 comes with 2 phase and 3 phase only
    • UK 3 pin plug – except SM60

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  • Texas Electric Water Grill

    Standard Features

    • Stainless steel burners and finish
    • Piezo electric ignition
    • Variable control
    • Chrome tray
    • Built in water tray, reduces smoke and catches fat
    • Ready for use in 10 minutes
    • Stainless steel removable grid

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  • Texas Gas Water Grills

    Standard Features

    • Stainless steel exterior and burners
    • Piezo electric ignition
    • Variable control
    • Chrome tray, stainless steel water tray
    • CE approved
    • 1/2 inch flexi hose required
    • Natural gas or LPG injectors
    • Saves on your gas bills
    • Lava rock is not needed
    • Chrome griddles are available P.O.A
    • Ready for use in 10 minutes

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