We have been the sole UK distributor of igloo products since 2004 with an 18-year expertise with Igloo products. Since we have introduced Igloo products and with our innovation and efficiency, Igloo has continued to grow year by year. We have been growing our Igloo range of producers of commercial cooling solutions ever since we had started introducing Igloo products into UK market. We have an attractive and innovative and product portfolio which has allowed Igloo to develop into a reliable brand along with our Artikcold brand. Our main a focus upon accuracy, reliability, functionality and energy efficiency,

We have supplied Igloo’s products in numerous establishments throughout the UK, Irish and European market. Igloo’s team of professional designers work to ensure their products continue to delight users with their ergonomics and style, through using technology advances to enhance efficiency and visual appeal. The styling of products supports effective exposition, and their outstanding functionality ensures quick and easy access to goods on offer.

Igloo’s quality policy means products will meet requirements for safety and functionality, are intuitive and simple to use whilst ensuring durability and aesthetic quality. This is done through producing energy efficient devices, implementing of modern technological solutions which allows for a constantly improving product portfolio.
You can see a wide range of our products in our massive showroom and warehouse. We have an over million pounds worth stock ready to dispatch.